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Sarah & Ellis

Future International has given me and my family a welcome chance to break away from the tunnel-vision of expat living in Doha; it's given Sarah and I a chance to meet new people, make new friends, and take a few moments every week to bond as a family, and to watch our little ones learn and grow right in front of us...perfect.

Thank you to everybody at FIFA from the bottom of our hearts. The kids have loved every minute of every session at FIFA. The philosophy, the entire coaching staff, and the fabulous Simon and Lynn, you've given the kids confidence, skill, and FUN. We'll miss you all. Now it's off to sweet home Alabama....


With 3 sons and many football clubs over the years you have been by far the best. Organised, logical, supportive & always had the kids best interests at heart. 
You are all doing a great job & we are very grateful. Keep doing what you're doing & you'll be very successful. 
Thank you & all the best for the future :)


I realize that I gave you a hard time when we were thinking about moving to Fifa and then a few weeks later too , but I want to tell you that now that we are here we do not regret it at all.  We love the community feel you bring to this as well as the little competitive bursts.

The U9 s were beyond amazing yesterday when they won their league . You should have seen their little chuffed faces ! Even they know that to beat Aspire and come in first place is a Very Big Deal ! 

We are already looking forward to the next season :) 

Thanks a million , 



Hi Simon that was an impressive start on Sunday and Dare is super excited to be a part of the Academy! Well done once again. 
My husband had seen the Academy (FIFA) come to play matches against another team last year and you sure did leave a massive impression on him. He was so impressed with the way your team played that he decided Dare was switching and made me research everywhere to find out where the Academy was. So whatever coaching style you are using in Future Int’l, please keep it up cos you've got an excellent reputation as far as football is concerned!


The time we have been with Future we've felt no child is ever left out, children are given an equal amount of touches of the ball excelling their rate of improvement and ensuring they don't get bored. 

The community feel and coaches are approachable and motivate the children in a very positive way.  

The children have benefited from the mixture of training, matches within and outside the club. As a parent I've been happy to pay for a quality program. 

I can definitely recommend Future Football to any families looking to join a football club here in Qatar for the above mentioned reasons. 

We will miss our football family enormously! 


George really enjoyed his first session and cannot wait for the next! Really looking forward to the rest of the year. Thanks to both coaches Chris and Tom at Al Maha last night, kids very happy and smiling, always a good sign! Thanks again.


I can never thank you and your coaches enough for organizing the football. Your coaches are great with children. At the end of the session last night, my son was tired, hungry and really happy and excited. What more can a mom ask. 


Jack said his first session was 'fantastic' and I could tell he was enjoying it...even though he's still acclimatising to the weather and everything else! Thanks all.


Simon and Coaches, I just wanted to say a huge thank you for all you have done with my son over the past few weeks. He really enjoyed joining FIFA and knowing he had some place to play soccer before we even arrived in Doha. However, when it came to the decision of if this was the right place for my son at this time, Simon helped us move him to a more appropriate place for him. To me, it shows what a professional organisation FIFA is as it was always about my son, not a slot. Class act! We are very thankful and look forward to working with you again soon. Wallace will truly miss you!

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